Visa Formalities

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General Provisions

Foreigners desiring to enter Morocco must hold a passport or any other valid document recognized by the State as a travel document (Law n° 02-03, dated 11 November 2003, related to foreigners' entry to and stay in Morocco).

  • Travel documents of the citizens from countries subject to the visa formality must bear visas delivered by Moroccan authorities.
  • The stay in Morocco for tourism shall not exceed three months for foreigners exempted from the visa formality. Others, however, must not overstay their visas.
  • Foreigners desiring to prolong their stay in Morocco must apply for the permission of the competent Moroccan authority (Directorate General of National Security).
  • Foreigners desiring to exercise a professional activity may apply for a registration card.

Entry requirements for visitors whose countries are exempted from the visa formality

A - For visitors arriving to Morocco within the framework of a package tour:

  • Valid passport, covering at least the period of stay in Morocco
  • An identity card would exceptionally suffice for citizens of the European Union provided the tour be organized by a travel agency for groups of more than three persons, having a reservation form issued by their travel agency in the name of a Moroccan correspondent.

NB: Visitors bringing in their pets must produce certificates attesting to their exemption from diseases. Anti-rabies certificates must be issued at most six months before the entry, while other certificates must be issued at most six days before.
B - Visitors arriving to Morocco individually, in couples or in groups must hold passports or any other valid document recognized by the State as a travel document.

Entry requirements for citizens whose countries are subject to the visa formality

Please note that Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter the Kingdom of Morocco and may stay up to 90 days: Algeria - Andorra - Argentina - Australia - Austria - Bahrain - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile - Republic of Congo - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Great Britain - Greece - Guinea (Conakry) - Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland - Indonesia - Ireland - Italy - Ivory Coast - Japan - Kuwait - Latvia - Libya - Liechtenstein-Lithuania - Luxemburg - Mali - Malta - Mexico - Monaco - Netherlands - New Zealand - Niger - Norway - Oman - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Puerto Rico - Qatar - Romania - Russian Federation - Saudi Arabia - Senegal - Singapore (Singaporean nationals may stay up to one month without visa) - Slovakia - Slovenia - South Korea - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Tunisia - Turkey - United Arab Emirates - United States of America - Venezuela.

Visitors intending to stay in Morocco longer than 90 days, however, should request a permission to extend the duration of their stay at the nearest Police Precinct to their place of residence in Morocco. Citizens from countries not listed above do need a visa. In conformity with the provisions stipulated in the aforementioned law, the travel documents of visitors subject to the visa formality must bear payable visas, delivered by the Moroccan authorities.
After the payment of fees, visas are delivered upon the presentation of the following documents:

  • Application form duly filled
  • Identity card and residence permit
  • Valid passport
  • 3 photographs.

Customs facilities for visitors having their residence abroad and staying temporarily in Morocco:

A - Customs formalities:
To ensure a smooth passage through the customs, two distinct areas were established:

  • A green area: reserved for visitors having nothing to declare to customs
  • A red area : reserved for visitors having items to declare to customs

B - Duty-free items which may be imported without declaration:

In conformity with the recommendations of the international conventions on the free movement of persons and the temporary admission of the items they bring, and within the framework of the action carried out by the Moroccan Administration to receive tourists (as well as Moroccans living abroad) desiring to spend their holidays in Morocco, visitors shall benefit from temporary admission regime, which allows the importation of goods while suspending the fees and taxes applicable to them.


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