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A visit to Morocco would just not be complete without a visit to a Hammam or a 'Bathhouse'. A traditional hammam or spa is the perfect remedy for those seeking a truly envigorating Moroccan experience.

There are many types of hammams and spa resorts in Morocco you will find them in virtually every city. The Hammams of Morocco or public hammams are usually close or adjacent to mosques since it is customary for Muslims to wash themselves before they pray and hammams rarely as elaborate as the great domed, multi-chambered marble-clad structures of ottoman turkey, thought they will usually have an entrance lobby, a changing room and a double set of doors into the steam room. Here you can gently steam, wash yourself from taps, basins or black plastic buckets or for an extra charge you can be rigorously scrubbed, massaged and expertly manipulated. In an interesting inversion of street etiquette women often bathe with just the skimpiest pants or completely naked, and remove hair form the most intimate parts of their body, while men are very strict about wearing either a cotton wrap or swimming trunks and wash their genitals privately facing the wall, male nudity is taboo and the sexes are strictly divided, either by different opening hours (usually for women in the daylight hours, with men in the evening) or by a completely different set of chambers.

On the other hand, you can go to the more luxurious, opulent and incredibly elegant hammams or spa resorts found in many hotels and riads. A full range of well-being treatments are offered, using local products based on the Arab and Berber secrets, the best spas and hammams in Morocco are countless especially in Marrakech and fez, they include treatments both for the body and the mind. There, you can enjoy facials and skin-peels or exfoliation treatments for your skin, body treatments such as body wraps or aromatherapy to relax, incredible massages with natural essences and Argan and Rose Oils Orange Flower and Black soap or simple but enormously relaxing and invigorating steam-baths in wonderfully decorated hammams.

If the idea of getting a little more personal with the locals at a public hammam in Morocco is not your cup of tea, you can try a private hammam. You'll usually find these at hotels and riads and they are much more luxurious and private, only guests at the hotels or riads can usually gain access to these hammams, which means you likely won't see too many other users while you're enjoying your bath. Regardless of which type you visit, it is good to purchase a few extras for your trip to the hammam. You might want to take a small rubber mat to sit on or a plastic stool if you don't want to sit on the ground, a small plastic bowl for pouring water over yourself, and a scuffing mitt known as a kese. You can also take towels and toiletries - much as you normally would if you were going to shower or bath at home.

The best luxury hotels, Riads and guest houses in Morocco will welcome you to its hammam, an oasis of bliss and satisfaction, where innumerable services will be at your entire disposal to offer you the time of repose and peace that you deserve and a haven of tranquillity. Visiting a hammam or spa in Morocco can be a truly eye-opening experience that you should not miss out on!

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